Sons of Wine Twin Pack

Sons of Wine Twin Pack

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Farid Yahimi aka Sons of Wine is a organic négoçiant, based in Ammerschwihr Alsace, that has a very particular, young and wild style of wine making. Unique for Alsace.... or the world. He is not afraid to cross borders, as he also makes a Verdejo based wine from colleague Ismael Gozalo *Microbio wines and a Pinot noir that's aged in a barrel underneath the mediterranean sea for a year or so. His range is special, flavorful and fun and always, very good. 

GW Inspiration is a blend of Gewürztraminer with a short skin maceration and a bit of Pinot gris. Voluptious, rich wine with a orange colour and taste, soft tannins and very floral. Une petite bombe!

Gipsy Resistencia is 100% Verdejo, 5 days skin maceration, nothing added