Chabernet, Spirals 2018

Chabernet, Spirals 2018

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Cabernet Sauvignon-Charddonay. Kamptal Austria 

Spirals is a series of collaborative and exclusive wines spearheaded by Nic Rizzi of Modal Wines where he will make or blend with a different grower every year. 100% of the profits of all Spirals wines are donated to various organisations whose work they believe. The first spirals release comes from Christoph at Malinga.

A Cabernet Sauvignon/ Chardonnay blend sounds like madness but the result speaks for itself. Super juicy, with crunchy dark fruits and a soft structure, refreshing acidity, and a bit of the texture that really stood out in the Chardonnay. On the nose it could almost pass for either a red or white. On the palate it’s pure joy.