Borachio Triple Pack

Borachio Triple Pack

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3 banging wines from Aussie makers Borachio. Alicia Basa & Mark Warner from Borachio are quite simply making smashable wine from organic fruit without any additions. They are persistently delicious and exciting. 

2020 Pash Rash. Mount Compass Pinot Noir, Savagnin & Chardonnay, picked, pressed, bottled. Simple...ish? This year sees quenchy grapefruit flavours married with fresh strawberry in a delicious fizzy hit. 

2019 Flat Out. Semi carbonic Merlot, topped up with rosé. Fresh strawberries, saltwater pool, leading to a savoury herbaceous finish. Inbetween a rosé & light red. Chill it down.

2019 Pinot Grigio. Equal parts whole bunches and direct pressed juice, macerated for a couple of weeks - gentle gentle, no agro! Some direct pressed wine blended in to add freshness. Bright orange in colour, apricots and concentrated white peach. Moreish acidity with a lick of tannin driving it home. Fire up some northern Thai food and start living!