Alternativa, Slobodne 2015

Alternativa, Slobodne 2015

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Blaufränkisch. Zemianske Sady, Slovakia

A very limited production which has been aging here in the UK for the past two years and is now in a pretty magnificent place. Made from 100% Frankovka Modra, the local name for the Blaufränkisch grape, this is delicacy and opulence wrapped up in a spicy black fruit bouquet. Very light at 11%, almost Pinot-Noir-like in appearance and character with its own completely unique profile. One of a kind. 

Slobodné Vinárstvo, represents an integral part of Majer Zemianske Sady, a family farm established in 1912, located in hills above the river Váh, not far from the town of Hlohovec, Slovakia. Majer has been rebuilt after the revolution of 1989, and in 2010 they decided to re-establish the family wine making tradition. Slobodné now make wine strictly from the grapes harvested from their own 17ha vineyard using both wine growing and wine making techniques that are in harmony with the nature surrounding them. Their ambition is to offer pure wines, true to the quality of the terroir and honouring the reputation of the Hlohovec wine region. Slobodné vinárstvo aka The Free Winery underlines a concept of freedom in its countless forms and meanings, which defines their families way of life.