78 Degrees, Classic Gin. Adelaide Hills Distillery

78 Degrees, Classic Gin. Adelaide Hills Distillery

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Adelaide Hills Distillery's 78˚ Classic small batch gin is carefully distilled in a column and basket still, designed by us specifically for gin.

They use pure Adelaide Hills water and a blend of twelve unique botanicals, never heated above 78.1˚. Distilling at this gentle temperature ensures that only the purest alcohol vapours interact with the botanicals, and preserves their delicate flavours and aromas; resulting in a more complex, superior gin.

Juniper | Fresh pine and resinous notes
Coriander | Spice with citrus hints
Orange, Lemon, Lime | Bright citrus lift
Clove, Cinamon, Black Pepper | Delicate, spicy base tones
Nutmeg, Star Anise | Herbaceous, grassy and intriguing
Orris, Angelica | Structure and violets while allowing other aromas to linger

This product is handcrafted and bottled in The Adelaide Hills.

700mL | 42% Alc/Vol