Wander x Henderson to Home

Shaun Henderson has been supplying Wander with the finest quality, sustainable & ethically sourced seafood from British seas since we opened. The majority of his wholesale customers were restaurants which are now closed, so Shaun has created Henderson to Home. On Tuesday & Friday's he delivers a range of boxes to homes in central London. 

Wander is teaming up with Henderson Seafood and creating Wander x Henderson to Home Kits. You will now be able to get seafood dishes that yo would have tried at Wander and wine delivered straight to your door or picked up at the restaurant. Each Kit is designed for 2 people and will require minimal plating or cooking and will come with instructions on how to finish each dish.

All orders for Tuesday need to be placed by Sunday 5pm and all orders for Friday need to be placed by Tuesday 5pm.

Every order supports small business and a fisherman working in the UK.