Wander at Home

With Wander closed for the forseeable future, we are now creating a little bit of Wander for you to have at home. We will be offering two kits of dishes that you can complete with little stress or effort.
The Wander at Home Banquet Kit will be 5 courses of dishes you would have had at Wander. Some dishes will be ready to eat and just require a plate, others such as pasta will require a little bit of cooking but it will be super easy and require minimal equipment. We will serve one menu a week and it will be designed for 2 people and £50.
The Wander Family Meal Kit will be the kind of food we cook for each other or on our days off. The Family Meal will £15 for one portion which is designed to feed 1 person.
There will be an option for a vegetarian option for both kits, but other than that at this time we will not be able to accomodate any other dietary requirements.
You will also be able buy or add on wine, cider, beer or pre batched cocktails to your food order.
For the first week, we will be offering pick up only from Wander between the hours of 2pm - 6pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, once we get the logistics of it all sorted we will begin offering delivery again.
All meals will be ordered in our Wander x Wine online shop, and prepaid for.