What is Wander x Wine? 

Wander is/was/will be again sometime a small Australian restaurant located in Stoke Newington. It is owned and run by chef Alexis Noble. When Wander was forced to close in March 2020 due to Covid, we created our Wander x Wine online shop to sell wine retail. In May 2020 we began offering Wander at Home.

Where are you located ?

Our address is 214 Stoke Newington High St N16 7HU 

When are you open?

We are never technically "open". Due to current restrictions we can not seat guests and are operating only for takeaway on Friday & Saturday from 4-6pm. The world is very uncertain and this may change week to week, but if you order Wander at home the pick up time for each day is in the product description and you will also be notified the morning of pick up via email. 

Why can't I come earlier or later than the pick up time allocated? 

Wander does not have a large team, it is just one person who creates the shop, manages the orders, takes deliveries, cooks, packages and distributes the orders. We are a very small space and to minimise the risk of exposure we have created a small pick up window whereby people can come and pick up any purchases. 

Where do you deliver? 

We only deliver Wander at Home to N & E postcodes on Fridays. We can deliver all non perishable goods nation-wide via DPD 

Why don't you do free delivery? 

There is no such things as free delivery. If a company is offering free delivery, that price is factored into the price of every item in store. As the majority of what we sell is for pick up, we rather try and keep our prices down for those customers. Our local London deliveries are fulfilled by our friends at Fine Cider. By charging £10 for each delivery it allows Fine Cider to provide an extra employee 2 days full work at above the London living wage. 

Why was I charged for delivery if I want to pick up? 

Everything in the Wander x Wine shop is available for pick up, when placing an order you just need to choose that option. If you have chosen delivery by mistake, please email info@wanderrestaurant.com and I will refund the charge. 

How can I place an order? 

All orders must be placed and paid for in our Wander x Wine shop. As we are closed as a restaurant, we have put all subscriptions on hold and do not have a card reader or POS set up at Wander. By purchasing prior to arrival, we can have everything ready for you, so that we minimise the time you are in Wander and the risk to everyone involved. 

Why didn't I receive a confirmation email? 

If you did not receive a confirmation order please check your junk email as sometimes it can be found there. If you still do not have one, please email us at info@wanderrestaurant.com as you have may have entered your email address incorrectly and we will be unable to send you your pick up emails. 

Where can I find my order number? 

Your order number will be found in your confirmation email you receive when you first order. Please have it ready when you arrive at Wander to pick up.

Why didn't I receive my cooking instructions? 

Cooking instructions are included in the pick up email you receive the morning of your order. We do not print them out as they can be easily misplaced, and each kit already has some many elements of packaging. After scrolling down, and checking your junk email, if you still do not have them please email info@wanderrestaurant.com

Is Wander at Home easy to prepare?

I try to design Wander at Home to be as easy to prepare as possible with most dishes par cooked, and just requiring heating or minimal plating. The cooking equipment required is in each menu's product description. 

What if I want to add a bottle of wine to my order? 

You can add anything on to your order, and when you come to Wander have all your order numbers ready and we have that ready for you. 

What if what I want to order says Sold Out? 

That means it is sold out... We have a very high demand for our Wander at Home Kits and we sell out quickly. As I am just one person and Wander is a small restaurant, there is a limit to what I create. 

What if I have dietary requirements? 

We are only able to accommodate limited dietary requirements. All information will be in the product description, but if you have a question about allergens please email info@wanderrestaurant.com

Im a Vegetarian and the person I'm dining with isn't , can I get a split Kit? 

No. Wander at Home Kits can not be altered or dishes substituted.

What if I change may mind or can't pick up the day allocated, can I get a refund?

No. There are no refunds for change of mind or failure to pick up. If Wander is forced to close to takeaway due to covid we will refund all orders. 

I have a special occasion coming up, why can't I order ahead of time?

As we all know, the world is very uncertain right now and we can only take orders a week ahead. If you subscribe to our Wander x Wine newsletter, we email each week when new menus become available. 

Why are you so rude? 

Im not... Wander is a restaurant, and this is my first foray into the wonderful world of retail, so please be patient with me whilst I figure it all out. By saying no to your request I am not being rude. By not changing pick up times or opening days I am not being rude. By asking you to wear a mask I am not being rude. I can not respond to all Insta DMS, emails, phone calls, when most of the information is already provided. We do not have someone designated to customer service, Its just one person trying to manage it all. 

Think of Wander at Home like a movie... If you don't like the movie playing, you don't see that movie and maybe go see a different one at another cinema or another time. If a movie starts at a certain time, you see it at that time and you can't request that it starts earlier or later. You also can't watch one half of one movie and one half of another or take actors from another and insert it into a plot you prefer. There is only limited spaces in the cinema, so if sells out at a certain time, you just need to choose a different date. Wander at home is exactly the same. What we offer may not be for everyone but that's totally cool, there are heaps of other restaurants offering at home options that may be more appropriate.