Cuvée Octobré, Domaine Foulards Rouge 2020

Cuvée Octobré, Domaine Foulards Rouge 2020

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50% Syrah-50% Grenache blend. Languedooc-Roussillon, France 

Octobre is released each year in… October! The Grenache-Syrah blend is  grown on granitic soil, hand harvested and spontaneous carbonic fermentation with no SO2 added .The first grapes to be harvested and pressed and released as a vin nouveau, this is purple Syrah juice bottled immediately in the year of the vintage. This smile inducing wine literally sings in the glass - juicy red fruits, lively and energy filled.

Jean-François Nicq took over the domaine in 2002. It was then ten hectares and he planted a further two on beautiful schist and gneiss (very gneiss) slopes. In his first year he began the conversion to organic viticulture. In his previous job he vinified the wines at the co-op in the Cotes du Rhone (Estezargues) where he worked without sulphur and maintained this practice of natural winemaking at Foulards for his first vintage.