Wonderwall Chardonnay, Field Recordings 2019

Wonderwall Chardonnay, Field Recordings 2019

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Chardonnay. Eden Valley, California 

Exactly what you secretly still want from Californian Chardonnay!  It’s got golden fruit, a luscious palate and fragrance, with enough oak to lift and enhance and a lovely acid to balance, with a crisp, long finish. 

Opens up with a nose full of pears and clementines. Super fresh and clean like an ocean breeze. On the palate, ripe stone fruit, more citrus and pie crust.

As a vine nursery field man, Andrew Jones has spent many hours exploring vineyards, planning, planting, and chatting with farmers all over the Central Coast. He began spotting more and more interesting and overlooked vineyards - often rocky, wilder sites located closer to the Pacific, farmed mindfully by clients who have become friends over many years. Wonderwall is his range produced from these very sites – extreme coastal sites, and wines made to be enjoyed. The 2018 range features some of the 20th century’s most famous jazz musicians on the labels – Duke Ellington for the Chardonnay, Louis Armstrong on the Pinot Noir, and Buddy Rich on the Syrah.