Isolano, Valdibella 2019

Isolano, Valdibella 2019

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Catarrato extra lucido. Sicily, Italy

Valdibella is a cooperative project, working with grapes from 10 growers
in the Camporeale region. They are all organic at the very least, though the Valdibella ethos pushes all their members towards a biodiverse and regenerative agriculture model, using no tillage in the vines where possible. This 
also means growing vines alongside olives, almonds, figs, pomegranates, etc, and close to natural areas, woodland, ponds, and fallow hedges thereby creating a more stable and balanced agro-ecosystem. The Catarrato for this wine comes from one single site at 500m of altitude and a north exposition.

The Catarrato Extra Lucido is a true expression of its territory without any compromise. Its aroma recalls the fragrance of the Mediterranean maquis (a shrubland biome) in spring. It has good structure and minerality. It has also good acidity, with a finish that is reminiscent of the taste of almonds. The color is golden yellow.