Gran Cerdo Blanco, Wii Gonzalo	2018

Gran Cerdo Blanco, Wii Gonzalo 2018

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Viura. Roja, Spain

This crisp and refreshing white is made by the enfant terrible of Rioja, Wii Gonzalo. Having first studied biology at the University of Leon and then oenology at the University of Rioja, she proceeded to make biodynamic wine on her parent's land in the hills surrounding Fuenmayor. The Gran Cerdo Blanco is an exotic blend of mainly Viura with a little Muscat, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc among others.

 Pale colour, very fresh with good acidity, like a crisp green apple from the Viura. The slightly floral nose comes from the myriad of experimental white varieties in the blend.

And that back label... 

"Gran Cerdo is a great wine dedicated to the bank executives that denied loans to us on the basis that wine is not a seizable asset. One day, these greasy and sweaty corporate suits will find that the best things in life cannot be impounded. Thanks to our friends help, we were finally able to bottle this wine. Now you can enjoy it with pasta or ham. "