Lucky's Syrah - Pinot Noir, From Sunday Wines 2019

Lucky's Syrah - Pinot Noir, From Sunday Wines 2019

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Syrah - Pinot Noir. Orange, NSW.

A blend of two of the world’s great varietals. Syrah and Pinot Noir may not be the most commonly blended grapes, but actually, it has quite a history in Australia. The idea is balance. Strength and Vibrancy. Yin and Yang. Whilst this combination is fairly unusual, it perfectly highlights the supple Shiraz with fine, silky tannins and adds lifted aromatics and fresh acidity from the Pinot Noir for a beautifully balanced wine.

The richer Syrah, with dense fruit and spice is offset with the delicacy and acid tones of Pinot Noir, guaranteeing a real crowd pleaser. A delightful supple red, that's even better when lightly chilled. Plums, black cheries, a touch of muscovado sugar and balsamic strawberries. Silky tannins - a total juicy drop! The label here of this blend depicts viticulturist Sam, whilst the pairing Pinot Grigio depicts his wife Tenille!