Sercial, Yetti & The Kokonut 2018

Sercial, Yetti & The Kokonut 2018

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 Eden Valley, South Australia

Coming straight out of left field is this amber wine made from an obscure Portuguese grape by the boys at Yetti and the Kokonut.

The grapes spent six weeks on skins before going to barrel for a year, the full kitchen sink of skin-contact winemaking in use here. While Sercial is most renowned as one of the key varieties that makes up the famous fortified wines from the island of Madeira, it makes for a wicked amber wine with crazy tropical fruit flavours and a zesty festive personality.

Dave Geyer and Koen Janssens are the Yetti and the Kokonut.These two high-octane, talented young winemakers have partnered up to produce some truly original and electric natural wines from sustainable vineyards across South Australia. These wines are colourful, flavourful and a little tongue in cheek. Best served with good friends and plenty of good vibes.