Müller Time 'Sandersstruck, Staffelter Hof 2020

Müller Time 'Sandersstruck, Staffelter Hof 2020

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Muller Thurgau. Mosel, Germany

Partial skin-contact Muller Thurgau - 1/3 of the grapes were fermented with the skins, the rest was direct pressed and everything blended after fermentation. No added sulphites at any stage, unfined unfiltered, fun as hell. 

The Staffelter Hof estate is one of the oldest in the world and has been in the current family however since 1805 when they bought it from Napoleon’s government. Jan Mattias Klein took over from his father in 2005 as a winemaker He continued to make classic Rieslings for a few years but in 2010/2011 started to change his thinking towards the future of the winery, and generally the future of the planet. He converted all of the vineyards to organic and moving to a more minimal style of winemaking, which also included reducing the level of SO2 used in the winemaking (Germany is known for very high levels due to residual sugar and potent acid).