Petillant Natural Pinot Noir, BK Wines 2020

Petillant Natural Pinot Noir, BK Wines 2020

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Lenswood, Adelaide Hills, South Australia 

Delicious and approachable Pinot Noir pét nat, full of creamy custard apple, stone fruit, and subtle red fruit. Very easy-drinking.

"Oh gracious this is so delicious it’s a bit dangerous, but looks can be deceiving. Pet Nat gets its fizz by sitting on its own lees, which means that your lovely clear bottle of rosé sitting peacefully on the table, once opened, is suddenly full of roiling, churning sediment. Don’t be concerned! You’ve done nothing wrong and you’ve made a great choice! You know those evenings that start off well made up and pretty and end up on the dance floor with smeared mascara and shoeless? Dishevelled but still beautiful, that’s Pet Nat. Wildly  moussey and attractive. Another summertime must-have. "

Owner/winemaker Brendan Keys is not afraid to do things differently. His wines are all from single vineyards (some biodynamically farmed), fermented with wild yeasts, unfined and unfiltered, with extended skin contact and even clay fermentation eggs occasionally thrown in for good measure.