Wander at Home - The Book
Wander at Home - The Book

Wander at Home - The Book

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Wander at home is a collection of over 75 recipes that tells the story of how a small restaurant survives a pandemic.

When Covid hit London in March 2020, Wander was forced to close and Wander at Home was born. This book tells the story of how Alexis adapted over the 2 years of the pandemic, from the first closure in March 2020 till the (hopefully final) Omicron wave in January 2022 and all the openings, closings, tears and takeaway boxes in between.

Whilst the book is primarily a cookbook that chronologically recreates some of the dishes that were part of WAH menus over the course of the pandemic, it also includes stories associated with that time, as well as the things Alexis learnt along the way whilst transitioning from a restaurant to a production kitchen and retail operation. It highlights the way small businesses supported and learned from each other as their operations slowly evolved over the various stages of the pandemic.

All of the dishes in the book where chosen and designed to be able to be recreated by people with minimal cooking experience or kitchen equipment. Whilst Alexis knew WAH would never be able to recreate the dining experience of Wander, there are a few signatures that she tried to incorporate in Wander’s meal kits, as well as in this book that should make your creations as Wander as possible. The recipes are easy to follow and prepare, and include WAH favourites such as whipped Vegemite butter, Henderson crab risotto, pavlova and many more.

Self published by author Alexis Noble with the help of a successful Crowdfunder, like all things Wander, it is a deeply personal and very DIY book that was 100% created in the UK over the 3 months where Wander was forced to close due to immigration issues… Wander at Home was always about adapting, pivoting and surviving and Alexis feels it was quite fitting to have created this book as a way to get her my business through such a challenging time. 

Alexis found the writing process to be very cathartic as she finally looked back and reflected on all that had occurred and things that were lost and created.
“ Whilst I aimed to be as honest as possible about how hard it was to own a restaurant throughout the past 2 years, I still wanted to be optimistic and positive and show that no matter is thrown our way hospitality can find a way to survive. I think this book will read very differently depending on your circumstances during the pandemic… If you were working in hospo in this time, I hope you find it cathartic. If you ordered from restaurants in that time, I hope this can give you a little insight into what we went through. “